Friday, June 17, 2011

Shelter from the storm

This one will be short because I'm on an iPod touch and I don't know how long I'll be able to type without wanting to throw it across the room. Don't worry Hannah I won't actually that was just a joke for the kids at home.

First off I want to apologize for not mentioning Hannah's sister, Emma, who we hung out with at Hershey Park. For those of you wondering, we went on two coasters! What an excellent way to cap the night. Emma you were a lot of fun and I think your family is wonderful and rare, unfortunately. Fortunate for you of course. They welcomed me as family, and I felt at home in a way. Thank you for that, all of you.

Ok enough about the past-past, let's talk about the present-past. From Hershey I rode to Harrisburg, which was uneventful and rainy. I didn't stick around for more than a couple photos. The only way out of Harrisburg is over some hills, so I began to climb in the rain. I hit a pretty deep puddle which quickly soaked my left shoe. Oh well. Continuing on I went through Mechanicsburg which had a festival going on called Jubilee Day. They didn't allow bikes on the occupied streets and I didn't feel like looking at tables of food I don't eat, so I kept riding. I went through Carlisle which I don't remember because I believe I took a street along the border. Onward! To Newville. The sky opened up. I stopped in a small sandwich shop to check in with Dad and the map. I had a soda, too. "Dollar six," the owner said, careful not to let his eyes fall to the close friendship between my spandex shorts and the boys. As the rain slowed a bit, I got back on the bike towards the trail from Newville to Shippensburg. A beautiful and flat trail running through the open fields of crops.
Chipmunks counted: 9
The rain started to fall again when I rolled off the trail in Shippensburg. Logging about 65 miles for the day, I decided to keep riding to Chambersburg. According to the signs it was 11 miles away. 30 minutes later, I was in town. One of my friends tried to get some people to put me up for the night to no avail. Two hours had passed since I rolled in, and darkness was falling. Quickly. I didn't have a place to stay so I began riding west on route 30. Matt told me of a campground nearby so I rode in that direction in hopes of finding a secluded spot to
sleep. I saw some trees at the top of a field off the road and I raced over the second there wee no cars on the road. Thunder was crashing above me and lightning flashed all around. Drops were falling as I put up the tent from memory since I couldn't see. Not even seconds after I covered the bike and tent did the showers pound from overhead. I got in, wet from rain and sweat, and called it a night.

Today's "ups and downs" I will write about once I have some time to let it all sink in. And maybe a full-size keyboard.


  1. Totally enjoyed your blog. You really have a way with words. Hope everything has dried out by now. Rest well tonight!! Love ya

  2. Sean, we thoroughly enjoyed having you stay with us! I felt honored to meet you! You are a rare gem! We will be following your journey!

  3. Gibby..I was just thinking the same thing..what a way with words!
    Sean..thank you for my new Summer read! I already am wanting to read more. What an amazing journey you have begun..quite a far stretch from a young kid with a mohawk..unloading trucks at Kohls : ) I wish you a journey filled with wonderful surprises from the road and the people themselves you meet. Be well..stay safe and keep writing. ; ) Sue

  4. Sean, you help to brighten my day with your posts. After being terminated unexpectedly on Friday from my job, I was in the dumps. A quick check of Facebook alerted me to an update on your Blog. After reading it, I feel better. I am so amazed at your tenacity and shear talent in the miles you cover and and the style you write. Keep it up and stay safe. I, like Sue, can't wait for your next installment.

  5. Sean, I too am amazed at how you can tell a story.. I am waiting each and every day to read the new adventures. I remember passing mechanicsburg every trip I made going to and from West Virginia to NJ. I never stopped in that town. I hope and pray that people will see what a genuine person you are and give you a place to stay on your journey. I was glad to be there this evening with your parents when you called them. I wanted to say hi as well but I'll let the Grandparents and the parents speak with you and I'll just give you my delights here. Safe and dry travels for you.. Remember that your Aunt V. Loves you very much too!!

  6. how bad do you smell by now?